RDP daemon on PC-BSD?

freebsd at fongaboo.com freebsd at fongaboo.com
Sat Feb 22 20:38:06 UTC 2014

I'm yearning for some way to remote into a *NIX desktop using an RDP 
client, like the one built in to Windows.

I've tried messing with various combos of Linux and XRDP to no avail. 
Usually I can only remote into a brand new X-session separate from what 
was locally on my desktop.

VNC lets you do this but it is sooooo slow and clunky.

I was giving PC-BSD a try because I had the impression that the Desktop 
Sharing feature of KDE could take inbound RDP connections out of the box. 
That doesn't seem to be the case, unless I'm doing something wrong.

I tried to follow this article from BSD Magazine:


But it seems that the port of FreeNX only works on i386 but not AMD64.

I tried XRDP on PC-BSD, but get this error on the Windows client when I 


I am almost considering reinstalling 32-bit PC-BSD so I can get this 
working some way some how.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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