Instability in re driver?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Fri Feb 21 07:28:32 UTC 2014

from Dennis Glatting:

> I have the same problem on a new ASUS A78M-A MB. Transfer is really fast
> (300+ GB files) then poof. Generally, I stay away from RealTek,
> replacing my network interfaces with Intel, but on A78M-A I don't much
> choice.

Are you sure it's Realtek's fault as opposed to a bug in FreeBSD's re driver?

I have two computers with MSI motherboards, each with Realtek 8111E Ethernet on-motherboard.

re works fine on the first, recognizes the second but fails to connect. 

Same story with re driver in OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD running from USB.

NetBSD works fine with both, not only current but going back at least as far as 5.2-STABLE.  So does Linux.

Not sure about other versions of Realtek 8111E-related chip.


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