Trouble installing from thumb drive

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sun Feb 16 11:52:57 UTC 2014

from Walter Hurry:

> I'm trying to install FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img (dd'd to a memory stick).
> I can boot from the memory stick but it gets stuck at mountroot, with error 19.
> I have verified the checksum of the downloaded image, and it's fine.

> What other information can I provide so as to enable some kind soul to identify the problem?

I have a FreeBSD 10-stable installation on a 32 GB USB 3.0 stick where I often get the mountroot> prompt.

Responding ufs:/dev/gpt/FBSDUSB3i386-root works for me.

Otherwise, you could fish for the device node, maybe ufs:/dev/da0s1a assuming the USB stick is MBR-partitioned.

If you could read the messages, that would help, but they might have scrolled by irretrievably.

It would help if you could read the partition table or partitioning scheme of that USB stick.

You could also tweak /boot/loader.conf on the USB stick, like maybe"13000"  # This is in milliseconds"16000" # Again in milliseconds
vfs.mountroot.timeout="10"  # This is in seconds, I'm thinking of raising this to 20


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