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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sat Feb 8 11:06:04 UTC 2014

On 07/02/2014 13:19, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Also can one still use portmaster on 10.0?  I have the dvd's(i386 and
> x86_64) but have been hesitant to install because I'm afraid to mess
> things up with using pkgng and portmaster both at the same time.  I
> would just like to use portmaster exclusively since it has been what I
> am most comfortable with.  I don't care about compiling times, ...,
> etc and how the new packaging system works, I know it works, but I
> just feel better and am used to doing things old fashion way.  That
> was what got me to use FreeBSD in the first place.  I already know the
> conforts of using yum, and apt and urpmi and other utilities to update
> software.

Yes you can.  portmaster(8) understands how to use pkg(8) commands on a
pkgng-ized system.  Mostly it works in exactly the same way as it does
with the old style pkg_tools: the exception is if you use portmaster to
create a cache of pre-compiled packages -- ironically, that doesn't work
with pkg(8)[*].  We recommend poudriere(8) for that sort of use case.



[*] Although it should be possible to create a repo from portmaster's
package cache.  Hmmm.... patches welcome.

Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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