Is there any repo or mirror for pkg ?

iijima yoshino iijimayoshino at
Sat Feb 8 03:59:51 UTC 2014

On Fri, 07 Feb 2014 14:06:38 +0000
Arthur Chance <freebsd at> wrote:

> On 07/02/2014 13:39, iijima yoshino wrote:
> > Hello, there!
> > Now the old pkg_tools have been removed from base system.
> > And FreeBSD has got a new package management tool pkg instead.
> > It's easy to use and that's good.
> > Because I'm in China Mainland, the speed is still very very low, even lost connection to the server.
> > When I open the adress "" in Firefox , it shows something and you can try it yourself.
> > In my opinion, there are only three repos in the world now, east/west USA and Europe.
> > Is that true ? Or Any way to get fast connection when using pkg ?
> You could always install poudriere and build your own customised repo. 
> That's what I do, as I run customised systems and not all standard 
> packages built with default options run on my machines.
> It obviously depends on which packages you use and how powerful your 
> machine is, but it takes around 18 hours to build the repo I use, and 
> you only need to rebuild it if you need a new feature or if there's a 
> security vulnerability.

Thanks for your advice.
But I think it's not worth to build a customised repo for my old pc.
Compared with ports, I prefer to use the packages as a desktop user.
Will there be some repos like old pkg_tools' mirrors in the future?

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