FTPD port trouble.

g8kbvdave at googlemail.com g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 7 14:00:53 UTC 2014

Hi All.

How "EXACTLY" (sorry)   Do I specify, the main connection port number for FTPd 
(enabled in inetd.conf, and inetd enabled in rc.conf) to listen on, and the range 
of ports to use for PASV mode?

What parameter (.conf) files do I need to edit and/or create to do that in the 
server jail, also the exact sytax of what to put in there.   (The manpages for ftpd 
leave me stone cold, as usual.)

I've a jailed web server running now on FBSSD 9.2, it seems stable and does the 
job fine.

The same jail also has the OS's own FTPD service running, started via inetd.  
There are three FTP users, that are chrooted to the directories needed within the 
jail, thanks to entries in /etc/ftpchroot in the jail.

I have other machines on the same local LAN segment automaticaly updating 
data on the web pages also just fine via FTP, using either active or passive 
mode, as they see fit.

However, I wish to be able to access those same directories and files via FTP 
over a SSHD session (typicaly using PuTTY on Windows, and a FileZilla client) for 
remote admin needs, to that end, there is a general site maintenance FTP user.

(I usually configure such machines (on other OS's) to use "High" ports, way up in 
the dynamic range.  It's never a problem, so long as both the server and client 
agree on the same ports of course.)

I've spent an inordinate ammount of time getting nowhere with Google, as it 
seems all the realy useful FreeBSD forum archives are long gone. (404 errors.  
Why?)  So I need help from the collective please.

(I also still can't get onto the IRC channel(s) for FreeBSD, but that's another 

I can already do what I want just fine, when physically connected to the LAN 
with either of the portable PC's I often carry with me, so it's just those blessed 
port numbers I need to nail to the floor, so I can tunnel them via the SSH link.

Best Regards, and cheers to All.

Dave B.

PS:	If anyone knows of a good blow by blow walk through, showing how to 
setup Pure-FTPD correctly (other than just use it's basic install) not needing SQL 
databases (Why complicate things?)  I'd like to know for the future.

Its documentation may be plentiful, but its pure crud to read, even when 
imported into a decent reader so it doesn't hurt the eyes!  :)    Plus I know zilch 
re SQL databases, so that's a non starter for me anyway.

Respond off list if you feel the need.


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