question about portmaster

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Feb 7 18:46:43 UTC 2014

On Fri, 7 Feb 2014, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> Dear folks,
> I have been a follower/user of freebsd for the past three years and I
> have used portmaster exclusively to update ports installed on my
> machines.  I have two 9.2 machines and one 8.4-RELEASE-p7 machine.  My
> question is as follows,
> pkg_install
> pkg_delete
> have been depracated in favor of pkgng utilities.  What I like about
> FreeBSD is that one use the ports system and configure the options
> like one wants instead of using ready made packages.  Now the packages
> are available and I used some of them using DragonFlyBSD, but continue
> to use portmaster to build/install/maintain the ports tree on my
> FreeBSD systems.

This will work the same as it did before.  Using pkg(8) as the package 
manager does not mean you have to stop using ports.  All that has 
changed is that the package database is faster and smarter.

> Also can one still use portmaster on 10.0?

Yes, it works fine.

> I have the dvd's(i386 and x86_64) but have been hesitant to install 
> because I'm afraid to mess things up with using pkgng and portmaster 
> both at the same time.

They are two different things.

pkg(8) is a package management system, tracking installed packages 
(either built from ports when you do "make install", or downloaded from 
a repository, the same as the old package management system, the pkg_* 

portmaster(8) is a tool to rebuild ports.  It works just fine with 

> I would just like to use portmaster exclusively since it has been what 
> I am most comfortable with.

You can.  All that has happened is the old pkg_* programs have been 
replaced by pkg(8).  The biggest difference you will see is that instead 
of "pkg_info", you will use "pkg info".

> I have a little problem with xorg deps that I get errors,
> I run
> # portmaster --check-depends
> but I am afraid to mess up, how can I fix these once and for all?
> ``
> pkg_version: corrupted record for package icon-naming-utils-0.8.90_1
> (pkgdep line without argument), ignoring

I don't know a specific answer to this, it probably means that some 
dependencies are missing, but it did make me realize that this error has 
not appeared since I switched pkg(8).

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