FreeBSD 10 and Heimdal with LDAP backend

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I’m Yoann Gini and I’m new on this list. I’m a system administrator specialized on OS X and OS X Server. I run an FreeBSD server for my personal usage.

I actually trying to install a new server on FreeBSD 10. I’ve installed most of my necessary ports but I’ve a problem with the Heimdal port.

I’ve installed it with the LDAP backend (to use an OpenLDAP as the Kerberos backend database, it’s better for server sync) then I’ve recreated my configuration to use it (see the interesting part below).

When I try to start the server, it fail and I get this message in debug.log

Feb  6 21:09:16 turing kdc[79684]: error trying to load dynamic module /usr/lib/ Cannot open "/usr/lib/"
Feb  6 21:09:16 turing kdc[79684]: No database support for ldap:ou=Kerberos,dc=authdata

What am I supposed to do with this error? I’ve already check the LDAP backend option…

If someone have an idea I can be really nice :-)

I’ve run find on my system, don’t exist at all (neither on FreeBSD 9).

And by the way, why does it look in /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib?

        database = {
                dbname = ldap:ou=Kerberos,dc=authdata
                hdb-ldap-structural-object = inetOrgPerson
                mkey_file = /var/db/heimdal/m-key
                acl_file = /var/db/heimdal/acl_file

Best regards,
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