Looking for supported SAS controller

Georg Altmann galtmann at las-cad.com
Mon Feb 3 16:13:43 UTC 2014

Am 03.02.2014 12:34, schrieb Georg Altmann:
> Hi everyone,
> I am looking for a PCIe SAS controller (HBA) for connecting a internal
> SAS tape drive (HP LTO3/Ultrium3 Storageworks 920) that works with
> FreeBSD 10.
> The mainboard is a supermicro X10SLM-F with Xeon e3 1200v3.
> I have had no success with an old LSI SAS 1064 based controller (Fujitsu
> Siemens brand 3041E-FSC (L3-00131-01c), PCIe gen1). I recon this one is
> supported by FreeBSD drivers, but I can't get it to work with the
> mainboard (controller is not detected). A new firmware on the controller
> might help, but alas I don't have any suitable spare box to do the flashing.

Since someone suggested flashing the adapter via the EFI shell: I tried
this. The LSI flash utility tells me there is no controller installed.
Also I don't see it via lspci on FreeBSD 10. So it is not just the
controller BIOS not showing up. The device is invisible on the PCI bus.

Thanks anyway for the input!


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