any non-x11 'gui' systems like qt/embedded?

Jan Beich jbeich at
Fri Dec 26 10:22:21 UTC 2014

Mayuresh Kathe <mayuresh at> writes:

> are there any non-x11 depending 'gui' systems available
> for freebsd? something like qt/embedded which works off
> the linux graphics framebuffer?

svgalib, vgl(3) or use framebuffer on /dev/ttyv0 directly. Only svgalib
supports both syscons(4) and vt(4). For high-level stuff try libggi or
directfb (via sdl12+vgl).

Wayland is probably "the" future for non-X11 embedded GUI. gtk3 and qt5
already support it. Porting status:

> if not, is there any specific documentation available
> for using the graphics framebuffer used for showing the
> boot splash screens?

<sys/fbio.h> has no docs but a few examples:

in ports:
  x11/mlterm (--with-gui=fb not exposed)

not in ports:
  fbshot, fbterm, vlc ported by Yusuke Baba

> also, may i know what that graphics framebuffer is
> called in the freebsd world?
> thanks,
> ~mayuresh

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