chrome crashing bsd!

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sat Aug 30 09:38:23 UTC 2014

I'm running 10 release and everything except mplayer was working. Trying 
to sort out mplayer I updated chrome and its crashing the whole system!

I'm not really getting much as it kills everything before any real debug 
can occur. script won't write out anything to disk before the error 
occurs, theres nothing in the logs. The only thing I have is the crash 
backtrace from the kernel:

KDB: stack backtrace:
#0 0xffffffff808e7e90 at kdb_backtrace+0x60
#1 0xffffffff808af975 at panic+0x155
#2 0xffffffff80af57d8 at ufs_lookup_ino+0xda8
#3 0xffffffff80d97dd2 at VOP_CACHEDLOOKUP_APV+0x92
#4 0xffffffff80937d9f at vfs_cache_lookup+0xcf
#5 0xffffffff80d97cd2 at VOP_LOOKUP_APV+0x92
#6 0xffffffff8093ff7b at lookup+0x58b
#7 0xffffffff8093f704 at namei+0x504
#8 0xffffffff80957ed2 at vn_open_cred+0x232
#9 0xffffffff80951671 at kern_openat+0x261
#10 0xffffffff80c8f127 at amd64_syscall+0x357
#11 0xffffffff80c7581b at Xfast_syscall+0xfb

I'll try running gdb, but does anyone have any clues from this?


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