Loading kernel modules on startup

Jamie Griffin griffin8j at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 06:45:13 UTC 2014

I'm just wondering about the correct way to load kernel modules; namely, 
specifying them in /boot/loader.conf or /etc/rc.conf. For example;

loading linux emulation layer, kld_list can be specified in rc.conf(5) 
using linsysfs, linprocfs & linux. Also, linux_enable can be used. 
What's the difference?

Then, there is kld_list=kldi915 for the vt console driver, and also 
kern.vty=vt and hw.vga.textmode=1 in loader.conf for the same module. 
Incidentally, the vt driver did not work properly for me when I used the 
latter in loader.conf and I had to use the kld_list line in rc.conf(5).

What is the 'right' method for kernel module loading and is it just 
easier to compile them into the kernel going forward?

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