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> On 29/08/2014 13:59, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
> [huge snip]
> > I have been using portsnap, I just couldn't figure out how to get it to
> > tell me what ports had been updated since I last fetched (w/o fetching
> > again) ....
> It's my experience that you don't want to be told which ports have been 
> updated, as most updates are to ports you're not the slightest bit 
> interested in. There are nearly 25,000 ports according to FreshPorts and 
> I personally have only about 400 installed on my desktop machine (and 
> far fewer on my servers). That means on average I'm totally uninterested 
> in 98+% of all port updates.
> What you need to know is what *installed* ports are out of date with 
> respect to the new ports tree. That's where the 400.status-pkg periodic 
> script is useful. I update my ports tree via a crontab entry at 23:00 on 
> Fridays, and the weekly periodic script runs at 4:15 on Saturday, so I 
> get mail every Saturday morning telling me which installed ports are out 
> of date.

For what it's worth I have two scripts I've created.

# ll /usr/local/sbin/scs-check-for-*

# less /usr/local/sbin/
/usr/sbin/portsnap cron update && /usr/sbin/pkg version -vIL=

# less /usr/local/sbin/
/usr/sbin/portsnap fetch update && /usr/sbin/pkg version -vIL=
read -r -p "Press Enter key to continue..." key
less /usr/ports/UPDATING

and then I have a symlink set to call the cron version on a daily basis.

ll /etc/periodic/daily/*scs-check-for-ports*
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel    51B Jan 14  2013 /etc/periodic/daily/ -> /usr/local/sbin/

The use of the cron command vs a simple fetch means portsnap waits a random time between 0 and 3600 seconds (1 hour) before fetching. This helps to prevent everyone hitting the port tree servers at exactly the same time (usually we admins cron on the hour).

# portsnap
usage: portsnap [options] command ... [path]

  -d workdir   -- Store working files in workdir
                  (default: /var/db/portsnap/)
  -f conffile  -- Read configuration options from conffile
                  (default: /etc/portsnap.conf)
  -I           -- Update INDEX only. (update command only)
  -k KEY       -- Trust an RSA key with SHA256 hash of KEY
  -l descfile  -- Merge the specified local describes file into the INDEX.
  -p portsdir  -- Location of uncompressed ports tree
                  (default: /usr/ports/)
  -s server    -- Server from which to fetch updates.
  path         -- Extract only parts of the tree starting with the given
                  string.  (extract command only)
  fetch        -- Fetch a compressed snapshot of the ports tree,
                  or update an existing snapshot.
  cron         -- Sleep rand(3600) seconds, and then fetch updates.
  extract      -- Extract snapshot of ports tree, replacing existing
                  files and directories.
  update       -- Update ports tree to match current snapshot, replacing
                  files and directories which have changed.

Because this script is cron daily in my "[HOSTNAME] daily run output" email I get every morning I see something like....

amavisd-new-2.8.0_2,1              <   needs updating (index has 2.9.1,1)
syslog-ng-                  <   needs updating (index has 3.5.6_3)



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