Apache 2.4, mod_php5 and php5_extensions from latest ports

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at fjl.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 17:34:54 UTC 2014

On 28/08/2014 15:14, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 08/28/14 14:13, Frank Leonhardt wrote:
>> The problem comes with the php5_extensions. I've got Apache up and
>> running, with the www/mod_php5 port working but when I compile and
>> install lang/php5-extensions (or any of its components), Apache barfs on
>> start-up. I'm not a PHP person so I'm a bit out of my depth here.
>> First off, it couldn't find any of the extensions because it was looking
>> in:
>> /usr/local/lib/php/20100525-zts
>> The extensions installed in the same directory, but without the -zts
>> tag, so I put in a symbolic link (wishful thinking!). Now it's finding
>> them but each module produces either one or other of the warnings below:
> You've turned on the Zend Thread Safety option in at least one of the
> PHP ports, but not in all of them.  The rule with ZTS is that either you
> turn it on everywhere, or you turn it off everywhere.  To fix:
>      # cd /usr/ports/lang/php5
>      # make config
>      (change the options as required)
>      # cd /usr/ports/www/mod_php5
>      # make config
>      (ditto)

Thanks! This sounds very likely. There were warnings about dire 
consequences if it wasn't selected so, naturally, I do remember 
selecting that but didn't put 2+2 together about the -zts on the 
directory name. If that's the only problem, I'll know very soon (having 
to build gcc WITH qfortran for the gd lib to compile was also fun...)

Regards, Frank.

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