FreeBSD 10 - mplayer issue

Elliot Robinson elliot.robinson at
Sat Aug 23 13:19:50 UTC 2014

Possibly orthogonal to your question, but is it an option to consider
another product? MPV is an mplayer2 fork (which was [until development
stalled] a fork of/drop-in replacement for mplayer), and seems to be pretty
well supported on FreeBSD. It's pretty featureful (10-bit video and
whatnot), and has a relatively fast development cycle (particularly
compared to the crawl mplayer operates at), though it's at the expense of
losing mencoder. Some of the command-line flags have been changed as well,
which may require tweaking in your work-related tools (if they can be

Barring that, I'd recompile with debug flags and run in gdb/lldb. Wait till
it locks, C-c, 'bt'. It's almost certainly some manner of deadlock if
you're stuck in urdlck, which may be a bug in mplayer's threading or in
pthreads. Either way, it'd help to know where the problem lock is.

Elliot Robinson

On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 8:17 AM, Da Rock <
freebsd-questions at> wrote:

> Yet another problem in the new install saga - thankfully I have a mostly
> useable machine now.
> This issue hasn't been a high priority on the list - until now. Mplayer
> won't run and I can't entertain myself :) Actually, its a bit more serious
> than that as I need it for work, and several other related tools use it too.
> After install I ran umplayer and it gave me nothing; so I ran mplayer at
> the cli and it did nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing. Even with -vvvv
> there is not a spot of output after the command is entered.
> So I ran truss, and didn't see anything useful there either. Then I looked
> at top to see if it was burning the cpu at all - nope. All I see is mplayer
> in a urdlck condition.
> Googling this points to an issue in 10 with posix compatibility and to
> avoid it in the application programming. Some ssh problems too.
> Any ideas what could be wrong? Or how to diagnose?
> Cheers
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