how to encourage a wireless driver to exist?

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Sun Aug 17 05:31:21 UTC 2014



I have a new laptop which I'm well sick of having to run linux on. Is there
a way to encourage someone to write a driver for intel 7260 wifi card?

I am a C programmer, and I would be willing to volunteer time, but I don't
know how useful I will be with neither driver writing nor wifi protocol nor
FreeBSD development process experience. Still, if anyone would point me in
the right direction I would happily give it a shot. Where can this stuff be
learnt? I also see that linux drivers exist, but I'm not sure about legal
problems when copying from those.

Or, while I probably couldn't afford to fund it entirely myself, is there a
way I could chip into a pot to help fund someone with more experience to at
least make a start on it?



Daniel Collins

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