Change resolution earlier than...?

M Taylor cj_salinger at
Thu Aug 14 23:18:00 UTC 2014

So I learned from elsewhere in this mail listing how to use the sc flags in
device.hints to set my console resolution. I guess the resolution change
occurs at the point the sc driver is initialized about halfway through the
boot device scan. Is this really the earliest point at which the console
resolution can be set? Is there any way at all to have the entire device
scan or even the initial boot menu display in a resolution higher than the
ugly default? I can't seem to find any further info on this and since I'm
quite new to FreeBSD, I'm hoping experienced users have some suggestions. I
nevertheless tried using GRUB to pass on higher resolution settings but it
doesn't work as advertised, so any help from that end might be useful as
well. Thank you.

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