vmware and jails

doug at safeport.com doug at safeport.com
Thu Aug 14 19:43:02 UTC 2014

I am using vmware 6.0.4 on lion 10.7.5 to test stuff. Configuring the virtual 
machine to bridge::ethernet works fine for the host. The jail can ping the Mac, 
the host and itself via IP but nothing else. I can provide more details but 
solutions I found do not work, I have not tried NAT as that (apparently) needs 
to be done when building the VM machine. I have tried all the options available 
including sharing the network with the mac and add the FreeBSD host and jail IPs 
via ifconfig. Thanks for any thoughts.

BTW as long as there is no resolv.conf I can ssh in fine. With a resolv.conf 
both starting the jail and ssh have to wait for DNS timeout (no routes).

Douglas Denault
doug at safeport.com
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