TCP/IP on the way out?

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Fri Aug 8 08:47:23 UTC 2014


Well, on a first thought, if you get rid of TCP/IP, you get rid of Internet.

Now one could conceive something to replace TCP, new protocols appears
all the time.

But IP is Internet, you can hardly get rid of it... or it will take
ages to have some compatible solution, some bridges, etc. Until only
the new solution is in use: think about all the existing routers, they
use IP and are not compatible with any new system, so compatibility
will have to be there for the next 10 or 20 years.

See the example of IPv6: it has been there for 20 years or so, but is
it being used?

See the example of OSI? Never take off.



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> I trust that all is well with everyone.
> I have seen this article which sounds much like a dream, but seems true.
> I'd love to hear the views of those who understand the network stack.
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