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Wed Aug 6 01:40:37 UTC 2014

On Tue, 5 Aug 2014 18:29:26 -0700, David Benfell wrote:
> I think Debian enforces a policy of including man pages in its
> packages. These would then get incorporated with at least some
> packages in Debian-based distributions of Linux, like Ubuntu and Mint
> Linux.

In some cases, "man something" just redirects you to "info something".
And even excellent software like TSK has moved its documentation
on-line, leaving just a sad reminder in /usr/local/share/doc... :-(

This situation is especially annoying when you do not have Internet
connection (e. g., in environments that enforce a very strict
security policy, and you're happy about "man mencoder" providing
the information you need).

> So man pages might be among the documents to be found on the web. But
> I'll hesitate to suggest just how useful they might be for FreeBSD.

The more "OS dependent" they are, the less helpful they'll
probably be. And it's not that manpages are exclusive to
command line utilities. For example, there's "man opera",
but no "man firefox". So it _is_ possible, but developers
don't seem to be interested in devoting time to create
actually useful manpages when they can leave that task
to the users. :-)

Writing a manpage technically isn't hard, but _really_
writing it... can be.

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