CD/DVD vs Donation to FBSD Foundation

Andrew Berg aberg010 at
Tue Apr 29 04:52:02 UTC 2014

On 2014.04.28 22:36, JJ Jumpercables wrote:
> I guess this is a stupid question, but I was just curious for peoples
> opinions really...
> As a FreeBSD user (without much disposable income) who'd like to
> contribute a little to the project, do you go for the CD set and
> stickers from FreeBSD Mall or do you donate the equivalent amount to
> the Foundation directly?
Swag! Sure, some of the money has to go toward the items and shipping, but you get something to show off, and you feel like you actually get
something back. Direct contributions do certainly help, but it's hard to see how your donation helps (unless you donate a very large amount
of money).

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