FreeBSD/amd64 on ASUS Transformer T100 convertible tablet?

Alexander Shendi Alexander.Shendi at
Tue Apr 29 04:38:08 UTC 2014

Hi again,

I have made some progress:
* I have downloaded
   and extracted it.
* It contains the following file:
* I can start it with the refind boot manager, but it
   complains about missing configuration files.
* So I started to read the loader.conf(5) man page.

I have further silly questions:
* There are a number of Forth files (*.4th) 
   in .../boot/. The boot loader seems to contain
   a variant of FICL ( Is this true 
   and can I use Forth to custiomize the boot 
* How do I specify a kernel to boot? Via
       kernel /boot/kernel/kernel
   in loader.conf? 
* Can I create an UFS partition under  Linux or

Thank you again for your help and your patience.

Best Regards,


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