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Al Plant noc at
Fri Apr 25 21:02:49 UTC 2014


Code  has changed for pf under FreeBSD. I have tried to make a firewall 
using FreeBSD 10 but some of the new code doesnt work?

Is it possible to use pf on FreeBSD 10 as a firewall for a web server 
and a mail server on a single public IP using nat?

The problem is that it seems that pf code works on Open BSD 5.* where 
the FreeBSD 10 is not accepting the current pf version code. Only some 
code works now on FreeBSD 9 and 10.

Should I make the firewall on a Open BSD box or is there a how to
get the newer code to work with FreeBSD 10? Or is one of our gurus 
working on up grading the FreeBSD pf?

Is there some where that the version of pf that works with FreeBSD 10 is 
named? Handbook is vague as to what works for pf. It seems that many of 
the new commands for the Open BSD 5 * pf arent recognized by the FreeBSD 
10  release.

Thanks for any help.

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