Synchronized web sites on different FreeBSD servers?

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> Forgive me if this is more of an "Apache" question and not a FreeBSD
> question.
> I'd like to use two Soekris appliances to host a single web site for a
> small business using Apache in a jail. Each Soekris would be
> configured identically and the web site they host would be as well.
> I'd like to know what features FreeBSD has (or Apache, if you'd like
> to comment) to maintain synchronization between the two "servers" so
> if one of the Soekris fails...the other will continue to host the web
> site without service interruption.

I'll say that it depends if you have dynamic content or static content. In both cases you must set up failover at network level, carp, heartbeat and proper dns configuration are my elections on this topic. If your content is static, I mean, no database nor program that creates web content "on the fly", a single rsync is enough to synchronize, but if your content is dynamic, you need to sync databases and program internal status (sesion information, cookies, etc..). If you store program status in the db, less work and simpler setup.

> Finally, once the failed Soekris is brought back online, how would you
> "re-sync" the two?

If statitc content, just rsync, if not, synchronize db using appropiate tools (dump/restore, f.ex.)


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