FreeBSD 10 USB3/Vantec NexStar HX4R

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>> On 2014-04-28 01:45, Richard L. Houston wrote:
>>> Hi all. First time poster and noob to FreeBSD.
>>> Apologies if this have been asked and answered.
The HX4R is fairly new and I haven’t seen anything about it on the list except for now, so no worries :)

>>> I have a FreeBSD 10 box setup and I plan on using it as a backup
>>> storage server. As this will not be a high IO system, just for
>>> storing backups, I would like to use a USB3 attached Vantec
>>> NexStar Hx4R 4 disk enclosure and use ZFS to zraid the disks. I am
>>> using ZFS on several Linux server as it stands and quite
>>> comfortable with that side of things.
I use the same and have been able to set up a raidz using the same enclosure and some random samsung and wd drives and it seems to work just fine (10.0-RELEASE)

>>> Any help getting this unit to work would be much appreciated. The 4
>>> disks already have a working ZFS pool created on another system.
Created on Linux may be the issue…

>>> I have attached the unit to a second Linux, sorry to be using fowl
>>> language here ;), system with ZFS and the unit and ZFS work just
>>> fine.
Sure, it may work fine on another linux box if the raidz was created with linux…

>> I do not think you can setup ZFS on linux or solaris and then run it on fbsd.
I have not tried this personally, but it’s true per the rumor mill and other forums easily fund with a web search.

> That's fine, my point was that I can see all the disks including mounting an already existing ZFS pool on a different machine indicating that all the hardware is working. If I can import the pool great, if not, no problem either. 
I believe the proper procedure here would be to wipe the disks and recreate a pool on FreeBSD.
This thread might help if they’re being difficult:


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