FBSD jail versus VMWare? What services do YOU run in a jail?

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>> Hi Alejandro,
>> Can you move a 'live' jail from server to server?
>> I have never tried but some people like the vMotion option from VMware
>> and for having tried it, it's quite impressive in action.
> http://www.7he.at/freebsd/vps/
> http://www.7he.at/freebsd/vps/about-vps.html
> NB: See first bullet point on the about page.

Wow vps is highly experimental and at it's core, it uses "VIMAGE" which 
is also highly experimental and unsupported. It's hot server swap 
ability is only achievable because of vps integration into FreeBSD 
kernel making it require a unique vps version for each release of FreeBSD.

To me, I see vps as a wrapper around "VIMAGE" intended to simplify the
difficult network configuration setup associated with using "VIMAGE" in 
a jail environment. Other FreeBSD services need to be made "VIMAGE" 
aware, like firewalls IPF, PF which dump if run on the host with 
"VIMAGE" compiled into the kernel and ipfw which does not dump but has 
very limited functionality.

In this thread I read about references to ezjail. It's based on the 
hosts rc.d boot scripts which in release 10.0 is being depreciated in 
favor of jail(8). As the number of running jails increase the 
difficultly of managing them also increases. ezjail has no provisions
to address this problem. qjail on the other hand is designed from the 
ground floor to simplify the administration of large scale jail 
environments [1 to 2000+ jails]. It's built around jail(8) and has 
option to build vnet/vimage jails. You should review both qjail and 
ezjail and choose based on which one best meets your unique usage 

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