Re: The source code of *BSD contains the comment ‘Does this belong here?’

Matthew Pherigo hybrid120 at
Wed Apr 16 21:37:00 UTC 2014

> On Apr 16, 2014, at 3:41 PM, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> Before I reply to your quotes, allow me to ask you: Are
> you fully sure you _understand_ what comments are?

A more pressing question would be does he have the English
comprehension skills to read articles that are not in his native

The original snippet of the article he quotes says:
"Lok Technologies , a San Jose, Calif.-based maker of networking gear,
started out using Linux in its equipment but switched to OpenBSD four
years ago after company founder... took a close look at the Linux
source code."

Meaning he found that snippet of code in the LINUX source code, not
the BSD code.

I told him this, but he doesn't seem to have noticed.


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