FreeBSD Handbook, upgrading ports incorrect with 10.0-RELEASE?

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Apr 11 22:08:03 UTC 2014

On Wed, 9 Apr 2014, Remy van Elst wrote:

> Since I converted to pkgng my usual way to upgrade ports doesn't work 
> anymore. It comes from the handbook, section 5.5.3, Upgrading ports: 
> :
> To determine if newer versions of installed ports are available, ensure that 
> the latest version of the ports tree is installed, using the updating command 
> described in either Procedure 5.1 or Procedure 5.2. Then, run this command to 
> get a listing of the ports which are older than the currently available 
> version:
> |#|  *|pkg_version -l "<"

brd@ has updated that Handbook section to include versions of this 
command for pkg now.


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