After Seamonkey browser crash, fsck_ffs is taking forever

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Yes, my bad.  :-(  Posting to the other list 
was a silly mix-up, a result of using too many different muttrc files. 

rsync may not copy fast enough in emergency situations such as when a disk
may fail.  You have pax(1), tar(1), or cpio(1) to use instead.

"cpio -p" with input from find (1) works well. 

My response, after trimming extra freight:

If I keep entire message being responded to, or entire thread history, AT&T YAHOO! webmail interface becomes a mess!  Composing email with vi editor is much better!

I'm aware of pax and cpio but have never used them, have used tar mainly for extracting a tarball archive.

Now I would want to copy all I want and can, skipping unnecessary freight, to a new partition on USB 3.0 hard drive or the same Western Digital Green hard drive that is having so much trouble with one partition.  On 3 TB hard drive, I have plenty of extra space now sitting idle.

NetBSD fsck_ffs is still at it after 50 hours, I didn't get time yesterday to do any more so let it keep running but intend to do something today.

I wonder if it's possible to suspend fsck_ffs, put it in background, and mount the partition read-only to see the condition.  But NetBSD can't access USB 3.0 hard drive for lack of USB 3.0 support; OpenBSD has no GPT support.  I think NetBSD fsck_ffs likely stuck in a loop.

I'm looking for another big hard drive, external or internal SATA, just in case, have not yet decided if I need to buy.

I also have the problem on other of computer of Opti-UPS battery reaching end of life, where it can possibly shut off suddenly without warning, once did last week when computer was on but idle.  I have ordered replacement battery.


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