After Seamonkey browser crash, fsck_ffs is taking forever

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sat Apr 5 11:45:18 UTC 2014

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> This is the partition mounted as /home, where most of the user data
> is, and I was able to copy (rsync) out most of the user data to a
> partition on a Western Digital MyBook 3 TB USB 3.0 drive.

did rsync have had to copy a lot of data? If yes, rsync is then very,
very slow.
> Main hard drive is Western Digital Caviar Green 3 TB.
> How long should I let this continue?  I could copy out as much more

On 3TB and a full copy under rsync? I would estimate up to three days.
If you want to make a simple copy, use even things like cp -avp and
you will get the copy much much faster.

*My response: No!  It was a partition of 140 GB, not the whole partition, but important subdirectories, and not including the 16 GB LiveUSB-OpenBSD image! 

> I intend, after fsck_ffs -y from NetBSD terminates, or I terminate it
> with Ctrl-C, to open the computer and look for dust or loose
> connection.  I think I will do the latter this evening (like about 16
> hours from now).

You can always do that.
> This hard drive was bought late May 2011, now barely inside the
> three-year warranty.
Ok, test it after you have the copy and see how well it behaves.

How about SMART?

*I'll see if it's in FreeBSD ports and if so, build it for USB-stick install, maybe the USB 3.0 stick installation of FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE.  Just searched on and found sysutils/smartmontools.  To work on BSD partitions, I'd want a FreeBSD version as opposed to Linux, Windows or anything else non-BSD.

*It's conceivable that I could have a loose connection or a bit of dust lodged in the part of the disk where the errors occur.

*On two occasions in this episode, system no longer recognized the hard drive, but it came back after powering off for 10 or 15 seconds.

> Maybe I should buy another hard drive just in case, Western Digital,
> Green or maybe Red or Black?
When possible, I would buy from another manufacturer.

> I would also very much like to know how to block annoyance web
> domains such as * .

*My response: How do you get 200 000 entries in /etc/hosts?  Surely you don't type them all line-by-line?

*I had even thought of getting IP addresses and directing to IP address and vice versa, but with many more.  Or maybe * to  Better than 10.0.0.x?

Mine has some 200 000 entries. Most sites look totally different when I
do not use it.


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