Freebsd as a virtualbox HOST

Maurizio Vairani maurizio.vairani at
Thu Apr 3 08:59:04 UTC 2014

On 02/04/2014 16:28, krad wrote:
> I'm currently running a set of vms on top of solaris 11 and virtualbox. As
> a lot of them are freebsd im thinking I might get better overall
> performance in converting the host OS to freebsd and then running vbox on
> it for the leftover linux and windows vms.
> There is scant information out there about freebsd as a host/hypervisor, as
> its not officially supported. Does it perform well/bad? Is it stable or
> flakey? Are there any decent resources I havent found yet?
> Before anyone asks all my data pools are v28 so importing should be ok
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I am running FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE as a VirtualBox host with three Windows 
7 VM from February 2013.
The FreeBSD server has an Intel i7 with 64 GB RAM. The server and the 
VMs are very, very stable.
I am writing this mail in a Windows 7 VM via Mac OS X Remote Desktop and 
seems to work on real PC.
The only real, unique issue is  the VM clock drift: it is slow, very 
slow and I need to synchronize it every 5 minutes.
In the log I can read from +105ms to +50,43s as adjustment.


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