Hang in boot

Doug Hardie bc979 at lafn.org
Tue Apr 1 08:04:10 UTC 2014

FreeBSD 9.2.  All of my systems are hanging during boot right after the screen that has the picture.  Its as if someone hit a space on the keyboard.  However, these systems have no keyboard.  If I plug one in, or use the serial console, and enter a return, the boot continues properly.

I have in /boot.config:  -Dh

I understood from the documentation that would output the boot messages to both the console and serial console if there is no keyboard.  Is that somehow stopping the boot?  I used to have just -P in /boot/config and never had the problem, but never saw the boot messages on the serial console if someone plugged in a keyboard.  These are all remote servers and I never know if there is a keyboard or not.

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