Contributing to FreeBSD

karan garg karangarg31 at
Mon Sep 30 11:46:55 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I am an open source enthusiast and new to freeBSD community. I am an RHCE
and have a reasonable knowledge of linux administration, database, Bash
Scripting, and C/C++.

I want to contribute to the community. I have gone through the FreeBSD
handbook, and list of various projects under the community. However, I was
unable to determine a suitable project for me to get started. So, I would
really appreciate if you could help me find a project that would require my
field of knowledge.

Also, I wish to apply for GSOC-2014 and have checked the ideas page but
found the similar problems as above.

Also, if you could give me a link of resources and handbook for me to go
through before starting to contribute.

Regards :)

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