How to ask a DNS resolver listening on a different port than the tcp/udp 53

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> Le 28.09.2013 21:28, Mike. a écrit :
>> The way I solved this problem on my setup, I assigned another IP
>> address to the network interface via ifconfig alias.
>> I put the authoritative namesever on one IP address, and the
>> recursive nameserver on the other IP address.
>> They both are still listening on port 53, but on different IP
>> addresses.
> hi,
> If I could it would be just fine.
> I got only one public IPv4 with each VPS. I've got a IPv6 too but I'm
> not easy with IPv6 yet.
> The provider (Tilaa) where I rent one of the 2 VPS, the one who may need
> 2 IPv4, is a bit short about his range of IPv4 and I guess it's not
> raisonable to ask for a second IPv4 just for my personal use in case of
> studying *BSD and networking stuff, I don't have a professional use here.

You only need to run one name server.  It is both authoritative and recursive by default.  To limit recursion to only your own IP address space add the following option in named.conf

options {
  allow-recursion {;;

Change the address space to suit.  Make sure you include localhost.

And after an rndc reload only your internal network will be able to make recursive requests.


> Thanks.
> Laurent SALIN
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