this 48-core box...

iamatt iamatt at
Tue Sep 17 21:17:38 UTC 2013

We discovered some performance issues with the the SM boards and how they
are layed out.  Granted these were being used  with  HPC clusters in a
fortran development environment used in O&G industry.  You probably would
not even notice these running your typical web servers on them.  The ipmi
is pretty annoying and even worse if you get their 10 blade chassis
systems.  Another thing they lack is the error logging abilities and tools
that you get with a fully integrated  system from  say,  ibm, sgi.  Or
other utilities to change bios settings on the fly ..  like IBM Advanced
Settings Utility.  All of these may not matter as much I suppose  with a
small server environment.  You pay what you get for.

On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, iamatt wrote:

 Hi.   Not sure if you can use all cores.   It has been and still is my
> experience that SM is crap.   We have several SM gpu and SM/Calxeda  Arm
> clusters and they really lack in may ways from ipmi to chassis management
> to the corners they cut with the processor to memory mappings.
Just to clarify:

My use is simply as servers and workstations. Generally I don't use IPMI on
these systems. I have had trouble with the PCIe slots. Specifically, on the
dual core boards some slots are serviced by one set of hardware and other
slots by other sets of hardware. Consequently, if you don't have all cores
populated then corresponding PCIe slots will not work.

Can't say about the four core system, though.

 I would consider looking at SGI UV,  ultraviolet system for a fat node type
> system but they are not cheap.   We have plenty of those and they can build
> it the way you want.   Lead time is a couple of months due to build  to
> order.   Support from SM sucks too.     :)
> On Sep 17, 2013 12:17 PM, "Michael Chen" <michael at>
> wrote:
>  I'm considering bidding on this 48-core box:
>> 1U-H8QG6-4-CPUS-48-cores-2-****2Ghz-128GB-RAM-/151119828428?****
>> pt=COMP_EN_Servers&hash=****item232f7195cc<http://www.**
>> CPUS-48-cores-2-2Ghz-128GB-**RAM-/151119828428?pt=COMP_EN_**
>> Servers&hash=item232f7195cc<>
>> >
>> Does anyone have experience with it and can I use all the cores?
>> Thanks!
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