this 48-core box...

Dennis Glatting dg at
Tue Sep 17 19:22:54 UTC 2013

On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, Michael Chen wrote:

> I'm considering bidding on this 48-core box:
> Does anyone have experience with it and can I use all the cores?

I have one of those boards running 32 cores. You MUST run FreeBSD 9+ if 
you want access to more than 32 cores.

Currently there is a bug in the stable/9 mfs drivers that do not allow you 
to boot from a RAID array. I believe a patch has been submitted. I have a 
copy of the patch and it works fine.

I have had significant problems with ZFS under stable/9 however I haven't 
tried recent updates, rather I had to punt back to stable/8 (production 

I have 22 3TB disks, 4 256GB SSDs, 256GB RAM, and 4x16 cores on my 
machine. I also have a 10GbE cardin my machine that runs fine.

I DO NOT use the CD.

Other than the issues I mentioned, runs fine.

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