PF_xxx or AF_xxx? comment of dom_family in sys/uipc_domain.h

Masato Asou asou at
Thu Sep 12 04:48:03 UTC 2013


I have a little question.
In manual SOCKET(2) describes as follows.

     The domain argument specifies a communications domain within which commu-
     nication will take place; this selects the protocol family which should
     be used.  These families are defined in the include file <sys/socket.h>.
     The currently understood formats are:

           PF_LOCAL        Host-internal protocols, formerly called PF_UNIX,
           PF_UNIX         Host-internal protocols, deprecated, use PF_LOCAL,
           PF_INET         Internet version 4 protocols,

However, comment of dom_fammily in /usr/src/sys/sys/uipc_domain.h as

    struct domain {
        int     dom_family;             /* AF_xxx */

The dom_fammily was used in function /usr/src/sys/kern/uipc_domain.c:
pffindtype() as follows.

    struct protosw *
    pffindtype(int family, int type)
        struct domain *dp;
        struct protosw *pr;

        for (dp = domains; dp; dp = dp->dom_next)
                if (dp->dom_family == family)
                        goto found;

The argument domain of SOCKET(2) passed to the argument family of
function pffindtype().  If SOCKET(2) is correct, described as
/* PF_xxx */ instead /* AF_xxx */ in sys/uipc_domain.h?

I know PF_xxx is equals AF_xxx defined in sys/socket.h.
I don't believe this is serious mistake. 
ASOU Masato

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