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I’m so glad I found your site today - so many educational resources! I’m in the middle of creating an article about the emergence of  virtual classrooms & educational software in the K-12 area - and may have bit off more than I can chew. There are so many slapdash “educational” resources out there, so finding your site was kind of a relief. I figured you’d like to know that one of your links is broken (on this page: It looks like Funschool changed hands with Kaboose and eventually Disney. The Disney site, unfortunately, has no educational merit evident:

In light of this, I thought I’d recommend some of the more inventive and resourceful sites I’ve come across, perhaps as welcome replacements to the Funschool link. 

MIT’s Scratch: Computer Programming & Coding Games for Children

20 iPad Apps for Play-Based Learning

Developmental Games for Children with Autism Spectrum

Free Educational Software for Children, Teachers & Schools

Interactive Biology for Kids: The Life Cycle of a Flower

I figured all of these resources would be great additions to your site and hope you’ll agree!

Would you be interested in reading my article once it’s published? I’d be happy to send a link your way. 


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