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Hi, Reference:
> From:		Soumendra Ganguly <soumendraganguly at> 
> Date:		Mon, 28 Oct 2013 20:02:10 +0530 

Soumendra Ganguly wrote:
> Dear driver developers,
>                                  I recently bought a notebook (hp
> pavilion 15-e006tu) which came with FreeDOS. I installed FreeBSD 9.2
> (amd64) on it (using dvd1.iso *), removing FreeDOS and later noticed
> that the Wi-Fi is not working. Then I checked the list of hardwares
> supported by FreeBSD 9.2 (which I should have done prior to installing
> the OS) and found out that some of the components of my PC are not in
> the list. For example the Wi-Fi adapter (RalinkTech VQF-RT3290), the
> Bluetooth adapter (same model name as the Wi-Fi adapter, Ralink
> VQF-RT3290), and I do not even know if the Ethernet interface is
> supported. Later I realized that since the Wi-Fi adapter is not
> recognized, the FreeBSD installation said something like - 'no
> configurable NIC found' (or something similar, I hope you know what I
> mean). I really want to use FreeBSD. My other computer has Windows and
> Ubuntu on it. I want to port some of my code to FreeBSD. What to do?
> Please help! I do not know how to write drivers (I would love to be
> able to though) ! Help, please!
> * I converted the iso to a usb installation medium to install FreeBSD.
> I have created an image of the flash drive using dd(1) on ubuntu and
> saved it to my external hard drive for future use.
> Thank you. I will be really grateful if someone helps.

Hi Soumendra Ganguly,
You will get more support from questions@ that I added to CC,
I suggest some later responder to this thread drops drivers@ from CC.

In future please break your post into seperate postings with different
subjects & more detail to tempt people more to answer just one question.  It'll
make it easier for them, & get you better reponse.

drivers@ is mostly for busy driver developers@, few if any of whom
will likely be interested in sorting a magic box of drivers for
your particular PC, at least not without a lot more info from you
&/or cash to motivate work for a manufacturer's specific PC ;-)

Few know or care what a manufacturer's model contains,
as they come & go rapidly, it's chip sets that get people's interest.

There is a laptop list though,
see Also

Provide more IC info.
Download & boot a USB .img (which can run from stick, you dont even
need to install, though easier if you do)
& Or look up manufacturers spec & find Chips =ICs listed there.

I did that for each laptop I have had. ALos created web pages of dmesg etc.
Also untered them on the laptop indices.

eg I have an HP Pavilion that does support ethernet:
Try yours & report detail.
Capture the dmesg & pciconf outputs to a 2nd USB stick so you can publish them.

For each device of interest look at & report parts of
	man pciconf ; pciconf -lv 
Also you can buy a WLAN USB stick for 10 Euro that's just 3mm long
that supports FreeBSD-10 (Not 9!) urtwn0: (but maybe get a bigger
stick for more reliable support) A link to threads on that here:

There's also NDIS to support other WLAN chips (but NDIS is due to 
be removed later, subject to warm debate on other lists)

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich
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