MAC issue on FBSD 9.1-RELEASE

David Noel david.i.noel at
Fri Oct 25 15:23:35 UTC 2013

> I'm wondering if something have been changed regarding MAC on FreeBSD
> 9.1-RELEASE. Since I've executed freebsd-update basically updating from
> the first release to the p7, I cannot longer login with my restricted
> accounts.
> I always get:
>> _secure_path: cannot stat /home/macuser/.login_conf: Permission denied
>> login: LOGIN macuser REFUSED (HOMEDIR) ON TTY ttyv1
> and on the login screen (user tty) I get:
>> login: Could not determine audit condition
> no matter if the file is there or not, neither which DAC/MAC permissions
> are there, no matter if I disable the ":requirehome:" and the
> ":ttys.allow:" directives on login.conf. Not even relabling the entire
> FS helped.
> I've spent several hours now to figure out but at this point seems to me
> that the update screwed everything up somehow.
> Does anyone have any idea of what's going on? Any input would be REALLY
> appreciated.

I've had my fair share of troubles with FreeBSD's MAC and
unfortunately wound up just disabling it entirely. While I don't have
a solution to your specific problem I would suggest cc'ing
trustedbsd-discuss at You *may* find someone there who could
help, though the last time I tried to hail anyone on it it was all but

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