MAC issue on FBSD 9.1-RELEASE

ASV asv at
Fri Oct 25 09:23:04 UTC 2013

Hello there,

I'm wondering if something have been changed regarding MAC on FreeBSD
9.1-RELEASE. Since I've executed freebsd-update basically updating from
the first release to the p7, I cannot longer login with my restricted
I always get:

> _secure_path: cannot stat /home/macuser/.login_conf: Permission denied
> login: LOGIN macuser REFUSED (HOMEDIR) ON TTY ttyv1

and on the login screen (user tty) I get:

> login: Could not determine audit condition

no matter if the file is there or not, neither which DAC/MAC permissions
are there, no matter if I disable the ":requirehome:" and the
":ttys.allow:" directives on login.conf. Not even relabling the entire
FS helped.

I've spent several hours now to figure out but at this point seems to me
that the update screwed everything up somehow.
Does anyone have any idea of what's going on? Any input would be REALLY

Thanks in advance.

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