UPS buying suggestion

yudi v yudi.tux at
Wed Oct 16 02:35:34 UTC 2013

>   APC BackUPS Pro 420 to keep three HP microservers alive. What!? Yes, it
> works. The power they draw varies greatly depending on what type and how
> many drives you have in the bays and (I think with the Microservers) their
> processing workload.

Nice to know you got 3  servers running off a 420 VA unit,  surprising it
can handle 3 units when the power goes off.

> All servers are, by definition, connected to the network. They can ping
> equipment nearby (just do it from a shell script). If they ping several
> pieces of kit on the LAN that don't have a UPS and get no reply, repeatedly
> for a few minutes) then it can be assumed something's up, and they can shut
> down. As a cross-check they can ping other kit on a UPS and if that's still
> alive it proves the NIC is okay. In the event of a suspected failure the
> script writes what it's done in a log, emails it to me (for later) and
> calls shutdown.
> Nice implementation but I want to have my back-up server in S1 state when
not in use, running PING constantly is not possible.

Also, I don't have so many devices that need UPS.

> So, what I look for in a UPS is a good automatic self-test (i.e. a "smart"
> one) and a standard and easy to change battery (the 7Ah type are cheap,
> plentiful and are thus well refined).
> Agreed, having a standard and easy to change battery is  preferable but
how do I tell what type of battery an UPS takes?
I am also looking at APC Smart-UPS SC 420VA
within my budget, it's got AVR, and user replaceable battery, but cannot
tell whether it accepts a generic one.

Kind regards,

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