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Alejandro Imass aimass at yabarana.com
Tue Oct 15 20:18:14 UTC 2013

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 3:46 PM, Aymeric Mansoux <aymeric at kuri.mu> wrote:
> Joseph Mingrone said :
>> yudi v <yudi.tux at gmail.com> writes:
>> >  Is there a dropbox alternative for use within LAN? I would like to keep my
>> > files synched across all my personal devices without having to place a copy
>> > on an external party's server.
>> The ports net/unison or net/unison-nox11 might fit the bill.
> +1
> I have been using unison for a while over ssh and it works flawlessly
> and is incredibly fast. The downsides are the necessary star network
> topology (I wish btsync was free software) and the lack of mobile
> gadgets clients (you can sync using unison on Android from a Debian
> chrooted/overlayed installation if you are OK to not sync some info like
> file ownership, but that's quite tedious to setup and use).

OK, so question: is anyone using  it with FreeNAS (e.g.
http://socalfreenet.org/freenas) ??
If it really works with FreeNAS would be an effective DropBox
replacement including the cloud portion.


Alejandro Imass

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