firefox: after update -> version 23: can not swap tabs

Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Oct 14 07:46:50 UTC 2013

El día Monday, October 14, 2013 a las 08:54:56AM +0200, O. Hartmann escribió:

> After the last major update of www/firefox to version 23 firefox
> rejects of moving/swapping the tabs. They are static now. I  do not
> know whether this has to do with the "great pixman update", because
> coincidentally I made bot the pixman update and the update of firefox
> towards revision 23 slipped in.
> My ports system and the ports are kept up to day on a almost
> every-two-day basis or at least weekly.


I have a 10-CURRENT r255948 from October 1st, with all ports from head
too, rev. r328930.

FF is version 24.0 in the r328930 ports and the tabs can be moved fine
with drag and drop.



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