jabberd14 crashes if built with Clang 3.3

other at ahhyes.net other at ahhyes.net
Tue Oct 8 01:39:39 UTC 2013

Hi Guys,

Just following up on a previous post (have changed the subject as this 
is a port specific issue that has cropped up since upgrading from 
9.1-RELEASE (amd64) to 9.2-RELEASE (amd64)).

This is interesting. I recompiled this port without Clang (using the 
base gcc) and it has not crashed once since (sig 10 bus error crashes 
are gone). Funnily enough, in FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE, the same port 
compiled with Clang 3.1 did not crash ever. So the culprit has to be 
Clang 3.3.

I have the following in my /etc/make.conf (for clang building):

root at srv:~ # cat /etc/make.conf

Whilst building the port with the base compiler is a workaround, it's 
not a long term solution, since Clang will be the default Compiler in 
the not so distant future.

What is even more annoying is the lack of a port maintainer for 

MAINTAINER=     ports at FreeBSD.org
COMMENT=        XMPP/Jabber server daemon

I assume the above email is just a generic email address for ports who 
do not have a maintainer?

Any suggestions what to do from here?

Kind Regards,

On 2013-10-02 09:54, other at ahhyes.net wrote:
> * /usr/ports/net/net-im/jabber (which appears not to have changed
> versions between my system upgrade) randomly
> aborts with signal 10 (bus error).....

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