firefox: getting back several URL's as tabs?

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Thu Oct 3 18:56:27 UTC 2013

On 10/02/13 14:49, Gary Kline wrote:

> 	well, it just happened again.  when I closed an unwanted URL, the
> 	other two instances of firefox vanished.  I know the Hard way of
> 	getting them all back, but does is there an easy way of refilling 
> 	both browsers?  oh, and if there is somewhere I can click to save 
> 	my bookmarks by-hand, please let me know  ---- before my shoulder
> 	falls off!

Usually, if it crashes, just starting up will do it.
It should ask about restoring the previous session, 
or at least mine did the last time (quite a while ago)

To save and restore bookmarks:
  Bookmarks/Show All Bookmarks
  In the window that appears, check out the "Import and Backup..." menu item.

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