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Daniel Patón d.paton.d at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 12:39:56 UTC 2013

Dear list:

I want to introduce me as an user of FreeBSD (new in this list) with a medium experience. I had used this system occasionally since version 4 and always I had prefer it on Linux. However, Debian GNU Linux was my most used system in the past because for me it is simpler. Another argument was the long compilation time of certain applications in FreeBSD with old computers. Today, the increase in speed of computers permit me use FreeBSD without long delays in adapt each machine. I use 12 computers in my classes with scientific software (R specially). Also, I believe that Linux is beginning to be too much slow. I am suffering problems with drivers, stability and minor mistakes that in previous version of Linux kernel I had not observed. I like the coherence of FreeBSD, the stability and speed of process. This system is incredible fast and robust. I like very much the process of compilation and adaptation to each machine. I expect to learn a lot of this system with this list and the excellent handbook and introduce to my colleagues and students in the use of FreeBSD.


 Daniel Patón Domínguez
 Numerical Ecology. Ecology Unit
 Department of Plant Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences
 Faculty of Sciences. University of Extremadura
 Avda. Elvas s/n 06071 Badajoz (Spain)

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