Updating from 9.2 to 10.0-BETA3 Issues..

Howard Leadmon howard at leadmon.net
Thu Nov 14 15:22:13 UTC 2013

 I did rebuild all my ports using portupgrade with the -afr option to make
sure it did everything, and it said it did, but after that I show stuff like
subversion that was rebuilt still using the FBSD 9.x libs.    Do I have to
set something that will make it use the 10.x stuff?

Howard Leadmon 

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> >> On 11/14/13 07:29, Howard Leadmon wrote:
> >> >  OK, adding in compat9x did allow it to build mysql, and hopefully
> > rest,
> >> > time will tell.   I guess the part that somewhat stumps me, is if I
> > just
> >> > building a port fresh like mysql, why does it need the old
> >> > libs to build it fresh.   Does some of this stuff require gcc libs,
or I
> > am
> >> > missing something in the process.
> >>
> >> It seems you have build tools like cmake that link against 9.x
> >> libraries.  Ideally you should rebuild your build tools before you
> >> rebuild the things use them to build.
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> >> 	Matthew
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> >
> >   What is needed to rebuild the tools?   Maybe I missed that someplace,
> and
> > could use a quick hit with a cloo bat.   I did another complete build of
> > world, installed everything, even make sure pkg was seeing my ports, and
> > then proceeded to rebuild subversion on the machine out of ports.   Sure
> > enough, when it was rebuilt and installed, I see it's still using the
> > libs, and I would have thought it would have moved to using the 10.x
> > so I must be missing something on this side..
> The tools in your base system are updated. Now you need to update your
> ports. You need to update all of them, because some of them are also
> tools, which are used to build other ports. Rebuilding all your ports has
> been a recommended step in the procedure for doing a major-version
> upgrade
> for a very long time. It's generally *not* needed otherwise. Removing the
> old libraries is best postponed until *after* that.
> Good luck.

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