Problem with wireless router inaccessibility

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Tue Nov 12 09:55:38 UTC 2013

from Warren Block and my original post:

> > I can still access the Internet and browse from FreeBSD on living-room computer, but can't log in to the router.

> > I'm afraid to reboot for fear that I could never regain Internet access.
> At worst, replacing the router should fix it.
> > It's possible that rebooting could resolve the problem, but there is the risk of not being able to get back in.

> > I don't know if the wireless router is going bad, or if its IP address ( has changed.
> It can't be that, because one computer can still use it as a gateway
> to get to the net.
> > I could order a new router online while I still have Internet access.

> > Now I'm trying to decide whether the router is going bad or if FreeBSD stumbled on itself.
> Run ifconfig on the working computer to see the IP address it was
> assigned by DHCP, and compare that to the not-working systems.

> Consumer-grade routers frequently have poor firmware and need
> relatively frequent resets.  Some also have poor power supplies that
> are prone to failure.  Replacing the firmware with DD-WRT or Tomato
> makes for a much more reliable unit.  Power supply testing can be done
> by swapping with another unit.

> My experience with the Netgear consumer wireless routers has not been
> great.  If you can find one, the good old WRT54G is still an excellent
> unit.  These are often available at thrift stores and yard sales.

I forgot to ask on last response, where do you find DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and how do you apply it?

Wireless router web interface has a link to check for firmware updates, but that would go to Netgear site.


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