Deleting files after download

Polytropon freebsd at
Sat Nov 9 12:44:02 UTC 2013

On Sat, 09 Nov 2013 12:27:46 +0000, Frank Leonhardt wrote:
> For what it's worth, in a similar situation I opted for an email 
> notification that said "This file will be available for 14 days". Apart 
> from being somewhat easier to implement, it had the advantage that the 
> file could be downloaded by the same person on two or more hosts, more 
> than one recipient to the original email, and it was possible to forward 
> the link to other people who might also want the file.

That's a nice extension of the original idea: multiple recipients,
more than one download, retention period.

> I used http/s for 
> getting the files up and down as it was just easier for the users 
> (especially cross-platform).

This part involves the complexity I initially wanted to avoid: A
HTTP server. Of course it would be able to parse its logs, but if
possible, I'd rather not run a web server for that simple thing...
As I said initially, I'd like the whole construction to be as simple
as possible.

> If you've not done this before, HTTP POST 
> and PHP are your friends. If you use PHP for upload, you can make it do 
> anything you like on download too. PHP remains, of course, the work of 
> Beelzebub and the fact that it's useful at times like this is simply 
> proof of its nefariousness.

A web server _and_ PHP - this is becoming a really devlish plan
for the darkest souls among the evil programmer hordes. :-)

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